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The Dangers And Benefits Of Home Health Agencies

Home health care is essential health care or primary supportive care given by an individual caregiver within the patient’s home, rather than health care given in a clinical setting such as nursing homes or clinics. In home health care is also referred to as domiciliary home care, social service or in home care. There are many benefits to home health care and several obstacles to it. This article outlines the most common issues associated with home health care, as well as the best solutions for overcoming these obstacles.You may want to check out Gaithersburg home health for more.

Many elderly individuals require companionship and help with daily living activities. As the oldest member of the family, a caregiver must provide companionship and help with bathing, dressing, eating, medication reminders and doctor’s notes, among other tasks. However, there are many seniors who do not need constant supervision and may be able to get around with assistance, but many seniors require companionship and daily activities to remain independent. When a companion is present, the elderly can participate in activities that allow them to be physically mobile such as walking, gardening, shopping, visiting with friends, etc. However, if the aide has difficulty remembering or doing these activities, the senior might become bored and eventually stop seeking companionship.

Another barrier to home care for seniors is that the vast majority of home health agencies require the caregiver to be certified with Medicare. Although this is beneficial for routine medical care, it can make it difficult to choose an appropriate companion for long-term care. While Medicare will pay for some of the cost of companionship, Medicare will not cover all of it; therefore, the client should be prepared to discuss payment options with their medicaid representative during the initial assessment process. Even though Medicaid is a great source of funds, most clients prefer to have a companion who is not a medical specialist and/or not licensed through the state to assist them with long-term or specialized care.


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