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Sleep Deprivation Linked TO Aging Skin-A Closer Look

 Sleep deprivation and aging skin are a serious health issue and can be greatly affected by sleep deprivation or insufficient amounts of sleep. This is the main reason many people use melatonin supplements for sleeping problems, to help them get a restful sleep during the night and slow down the aging process. Poor sleep can also affect your skin; check out the latest scientific studies on this by checking out the following reports on the subject. Sleep Deprivation And Aging Skin Research by leading scientists in the University Hospitals Case Medical Center revealed that poor sleep quality is directly linked to poor skin quality. Do you want to learn more? Visit view the article

Dr. Robin Marcus of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine and Sleep Medicine, University of Rochester has carried out several studies on this effect of sleep deprivation on different types of skin. His research shows that when melatonin levels in the bloodstream are low, the quality of the skin is also poor. Sleep Deprivation And Aging Skin report by Marcus found that melatonin levels were lowest during early morning hours and rose rapidly after midday. Melatonin is known to have an important role in the aging process of the skin, as it is essential in the production of new cells and fibers. This report helps us understand the link between melatonin levels and the aging process and suggests a natural way to combat the signs of aging on our skin.

Sleep Deprivation And Aging Skin report suggest that by taking 5 mg of melatonin supplements each day, we can keep the rate of our skin cell renewal consistent. Our skin’s renewal rate is directly linked to the quality of our sleep. Not getting enough sleep can slow down the skin’s natural rejuvenation process, causing lines, wrinkles, age spots and other signs of aging. It is widely accepted that sleep deprivation causes hormonal changes throughout the body, including a drop in estrogen levels and an increase in testosterone. These hormone changes cause an overall reduction in skin health and lead to reduced skin resistance and firmness. By helping to maintain the skin’s health and reducing the effects of sleep deprivation, melatonin supplements can improve our skin’s appearance and help us maintain a youthful appearance.