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Invisalign – Things To Know

Clear aligners, also called clear aligner therapy, are transparent plastic braces which are basically an improved form of traditional metal braces, made from a clear plastic material. They are extremely helpful in straightening teeth and also in restoring the alignment of the teeth once they have become crooked or misaligned. There are various benefits associated with this technology, such as orthodontics, hygiene, portability, and even confidence. Clear aligners help in making your smile look better and enhance your self-confidence level.

The basic difference between traditional braces and Invisalign is that invisalign is a treatment for adults, while braces are normally used by young children or adolescents. Clear aligner therapy, as compared to traditional braces, is not only useful in straightening teeth but it also allows braces to be worn on the teeth for a longer period of time. However, they cannot be removed, unlike traditional braces, which can be taken out once they have been treated. An individual’s teeth will need to undergo treatments, where they will be made to fit together with the help of a special aligner material. This material is similar to that used in braces and there is also the option of invisalign moving forward, where the brackets move forward into a better-looking position.

There are several benefits of getting your teeth straightened using invisalign, including the fact that there are no metal pieces involved, the treatment is painless, and the entire treatment is much quicker than any other traditional method of straightening teeth. However, even though you will likely be tempted to try and get these straightened by visiting your dentist, it is strongly recommended that you visit an invisalign provider before going to the dentist. This is because your dentist may be unable to detect problems with the alignment, whereas an experienced invisalign provider will be able to spot these problems.

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