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Importance of Podiatry and Foot Care for a Better Life

We probably don’t think about our feet’s ‘position’ in our daily lives, but let’s face it, we’d be in big trouble without them! Consider how many hours of the day your trusty feet are present, standing, walking, rushing, driving your car – every aspect of your life is influenced by your two healthy feet. You’re probably taken aback the moment something gives way with them. How come my feet are finally giving out on me? Click for more Movement 101 Marrickville – Marrickville podiatry

Podiatrists are often astounded at how little consideration the average person devotes to the care and attention of their feet. Consider that our feet and lower legs carry the majority of our body weight on a regular basis and must withstand this tension day after day. Many people would eventually experience some kind of podiatry problem as a result of this strain. The good news is that today’s podiatrists are well prepared to cope with the wide range of issues that they face on a regular basis.

When you remember that the lower legs and feet bear the full weight of the human body for several hours a day, the feet are made up of hundreds of fragile and tiny bones that are connected by ligaments and nerves that run the length of the legs. Consider how all of these tiny pieces come together to form a frame that can withstand the entire weight of the human body for the rest of its natural existence – it’s absolutely incredible. So it’s not surprising that things can and do go wrong, and the value of podiatry cannot be overstated. What you do not realise is that other issues you are having may be traced back to your feet, such as lower back pain, knee problems, and so on.

Attending a podiatry clinic on a regular basis will help you understand the everyday pressures and strains imposed on your feet and lower legs. Your friendly podiatrist can clarify how you can prevent back pain and other related issues by taking care of your feet. A biomechanical assessment, also known as a GaitScan, will be performed by a podiatrist. It assesses/identifies the root causes of common foot problems by combining up-to-date podiatric experience with cutting-edge technology. Sounds nuts, doesn’t it? Make an appointment with your nearest podiatrist as soon as possible to prevent serious complications in the future.