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How to Prepare Your Car for Shipping Overseas

When shipping your car internationally, there is always the possibility of minor harm. However, it’s important to note that observable harm occurs in less than 5% of vehicles transported. To help you understand how to plan your car for transport, we’ve put together this guide to help you minimise this danger when transporting your car.Checkout useful reference for more info.

Before you ship, make sure everything is in order.

Before shipping your car, make sure to inspect it for any pre-existing damage and log it so that you have proof if any problems arise. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

Clean the car thoroughly.

Make a written record of any apparent damage, such as dents, bruises, chips, or other flaws.

Take photos of the car from various angles, making sure to get close-ups of any existing damage on the vehicle.

Make sure the images are dated so they can be used as evidence if necessary.

Ascertain that the transporter makes a formal note of any previous harm.

Personal belongings and customised goods should be removed.

During the course of its journey, your vehicle will be expected to be tested, loaded, and unloaded several times, which means it will almost certainly need to be unlocked. Any peripherals such as custom stereo systems, GPS systems, radio faceplates, detachable CD players, and video/DVD players should be removed to help reduce the possibility of theft.

Additionally, you must not load your vehicle with personal items, as this could result in your vehicle being rejected for transport. This is due to the fact that transporters are not licenced to transport personal items, and attempting to ship personal items may result in fines and delays. If you ship personal items with your vehicle and they go unnoticed, they may cause significant damage to your vehicle during transport, as the items can move around and cause damage to the interior.