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History of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care, sometimes called chiropractic care, refers to treatment using the principles of chiropractic philosophy and founded upon the principles of chiropractic theory. Chiropractic theory defines the science of nature and its relationship to the human body and vice versa. The practice of chiropractic care involves the assessment and manipulation of the patient’s spinal column to relieve discomfort and prevent injury.Kindly visit Falls Church chiropractic to find more information.

DescriptionChiropractic care is a unique form of complementary and alternative medical philosophy which is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of skeletal mechanical disorders of the skeletal system, particularly the lower back. The term chiropractic has come from the Greek words kypo meaning “all-around” and phonics meaning “to connect.” From these roots, chiropractic means “with finger tips,” and chiropractic care is derived from the first words. Because there are many modalities of chiropractic care, chiropractic specialists are often referred to as chiropractors, chiropractic doctors, or chiropractic specialists.

HistoryThe chiropractic care profession began in the late nineteenth century when a German chiropractic doctor named Franz Count von Moltke performed spinal manipulations to relieve pain and reduce swelling in his patients. He was the first to apply spinal manipulation to relieve conditions like back pain, toothache, asthma, and migraines. Over the next few decades, other chiropractors in the United States and elsewhere developed and refined the techniques of chiropractic care, adding hand-on manipulation to their practices. Today, chiropractic doctors offer a full range of health care services, including massage, skin care, pregnancy care, rehabilitative exercise, sports chiropractic, and more.

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