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Brief History of Slate Shingles

Are you re-roofing your home? It may be past time for you to seriously consider investing in a roofing material that will provide your home with the best possible insulation.

The world is becoming increasingly hot. That isn’t just anti-environmental propaganda. It is a proven fact. The world has warmed by 0.5 degrees Celsius since a century ago. It’s not surprising that we’re having such a hot summer these days. You may not have realised it, but the scorching summer heat may have had a financial impact on you.Feel free to find more information at slate shingles.

You may have noticed an increase in your summer power bills. This could be due to the fact that you use air conditioning more frequently on hot days. Air conditioners account for 60-70 percent of a household’s monthly power bill during the summer months, according to studies.

The majority of homes are constructed with materials that are poor insulators. When it comes to providing adequate insulation for a home, one of the factors to consider is the roofing material. The roof aids in the insulation of a home. If your roof is made of ineffective insulating material, you will likely spend more money on your energy bill than homeowners who have roof shingles that are effective insulators.

Slate roof shingles are perhaps the best option for providing optimal insulation for your home. With slate roof shingles, you can save money on electricity by reducing the amount of time you spend using the air conditioner and heating system in the summer and winter.

When a homeowner buys a roofing material, durability is a major consideration. Will the roof shingle last for a long time? Would it provide my home with the best possible protection for a long time? Slate roof shingles can undoubtedly answer these questions.

Slate is a top-rated roofing material due to its low water absorption index (0.4 percent). Extreme frost damage and breakage due to freezing temperatures are issues that ordinary roof shingles face. Slate roofing shingles are resistant to frost damage and breakage due to cold weather because of their low water absorption index.

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