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An Introduction of Advanced Bio Treatment

It is the ability to work inside the body’s structure to unblock malfunctions and disease by shifting the life force (Chi): ‘feeling’ the pulsations of energy and transmitting it where it is needed with the fingertips. Developing the ability to detect a malfunctioning organ or device in the body’s internal life-support system. It is, to some degree, acupressure. Acupressure and SYSTEMATIC BIO ENERGETICS have been used for stress and pain relief for thousands of years. Checkout Advanced Bio Treatment for more info.

Have you ever jammed your finger shut in a door or smacked it with a hammer? When you got married, what was the first thing you did? Are you saying you clung to it and squeezed it? You press down on the wound. Perhaps you’ve had a headache and tried placing your fingertips on your temples to help relieve the pain; it seemed to work. You have no idea why; it just happens, and at the moment, it seemed like the right thing to do. When you double over and press your stomach in response to abdominal cramps, this is an example of instinctive acupressure. It’s likely that this is the most ancient type of physical therapy.

In homoeopathic therapy, bio-combinations are a complex process that requires specific amounts and mixing processes, as well as strict quality control procedures. The salts are all homogeneous to the cell minerals and constituents in the human body, with close chemical and physiological properties, allowing bio-combinations of the 12 major bio-chemic salts to correct imbalances or disturbed molecular motion.

 Via trial and error, more and more points were discovered that not only relieved pain but also affected the functioning of internal organs over time. These points have a higher electrical conductivity on the skin’s surface than commonly believed, according to high-tech equipment.