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All About Scaffold Tower Hire

Scaffolding towers, also known as scaffold towers or tower scaffolds, are becoming increasingly common in the building industry, as both employers and regulators recognise the growing importance of healthy working practises. Read here Scaffold Tower Hire

Scaffolding towers are a category of independent scaffolding, which is characterised as scaffolding that is self-supporting and not reliant on the foundation on which it is used for structural support. Scaffolding towers have the advantage of being relatively easy to instal and remove, which is a significant benefit for specialists in a variety of fields (for example, plastering, painting and decorating, roofing, and construction) who must visit a range of clients in a given week. Scaffold towers that are not going to be brought off-site can often be easily relocated from one location on the site to another, without the need for large dependent scaffolding structures: a high quality scaffolding tower can do almost as well as a large dependent scaffolding structure, which is also much more comfortable to use.

Scaffolding towers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The DIY scaffold tower is becoming increasingly popular. Many homeowners are doing their own home renovation ventures rather than charge large sums of money to contractors in the current economic climate; in those situations, many homeowners see a tiny tower scaffold as a smart investment, enabling them to enjoy the advantages of scaffolding and becoming even better than dealing with regular ladders.

The lightweight DIY alternative is useless for businesses that use scaffolding towers on a regular basis; instead, a more heavy-duty solution would be needed. Companies and tradespeople who use scaffolding towers on a regular basis are more likely to opt for bigger, heavier-duty scaffold towers. They will have a variety of working platforms, enabling them to operate at varying heights without difficulty, in addition to being more sturdy and reliable.

The mobile scaffold tower is a modern and common form of tower scaffolding. These have castors fixed to the base of their support poles (also known as standards), allowing them to be wheeled between various sections of a job quickly and efficiently. This is a clear advantage for decorators, plasterers, tilers, and other building workers, as it allows them to perform much more effectively, enabling them to complete projects much faster than they would otherwise.

Scaffolding towers are becoming increasingly important in the construction industry, not only because of their convenience and increased productivity, but also because of a renewed emphasis on health and safety. When operating at height, a properly secured scaffolding tower is much superior to ladders and other comparable temporary structures: scaffolding towers have all of the advantages of a complete scaffolding system without the disadvantages of time-consuming installation and inflexibility of usage.

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