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About Laughter Family Hardscapes

Hardscape design professionals typically do almost everything a typical landscaper does—get dirt under their fingernails on a daily basis—but on top of the normal topiary, greenhouse, and lawn info, they add another aspect. Do you want to learn more? Visit  Laughter Family Hardscapes

Hardscape design is just what it sounds like: a proposal to use ‘hard’ materials such as concrete, mortar, timber, metal (usually iron or copper) and the like to embellish a setting is made and implemented. Some professionals in hardscape design often easily integrate water characteristics into their designs, as most fountains and such are ‘hard’ materials in the first place.

Landscaping makes the most of cut grass, spotless flowerbeds, and trimmed bushes arranged under trees meticulously raked up and disposed of once a week in the fall. But the idea of what it means to get your house ‘escaped’ is evolving rapidly as hardscaping becomes more common nationally (not just because it’s fresh and distinct, but because it’s easier to maintain as well).

Hardscaping doesn’t end there, but many experts in hardscape design will also quickly create designs for a patio, a barbeque pit, a porch, walkways, decorative retaining walls, exotic fences and gains, as well as imaginative sculptures! As complex and majestic as any living garden, the applications of hardscape design are only more permanent. But don’t assume that hard means big, hardscapers in an otherwise ‘soft’ setting can just as easily bring together small information. Getting a Japanese-style concrete lantern or a copper Foo puppy, for example, set up to grace your backyard is right up the alley of a hardscaper.

Any real scheme, of course, would have both elements of hardscaping and ‘softscaping.’ Many experts in hardscape design started out as conventional landscapers, so they can easily address both aspects, but you will need to call in a more traditional landscape designer and have the two collaborate if you are working with a dedicated hardscaper.

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