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Virtual Tours – Why You Need Them

Every real estate listing should include virtual tours. In today’s market, 80% of those searching for a new house do so online. When you go to visit a listing for a property that sounds amazing, but there are no images or virtual tours to display the layout of the home, the colours, the cleanliness, the style, and so on, it’s really aggravating. Homes that do not have virtual tours or images make me cautious. What are they attempting to conceal? I don’t want to drive all the way across town to visit a house that looks fantastic on paper but is a disaster in person. Get the facts about Brink 360 Toronto Virtual Business Tours see this.
There are two main reasons why an agent does not arrange for a tour of one of his or her listings. The main issue is that they are unaware of the tour’s value, and their seller is inexperienced and unaware of the tour’s value as well. The second reason is that the agent is on a tight budget and is looking for every available opportunity to save money. When money is an issue, the seller suffers, and the agent usually suffers as well, because the house sits on the market longer and the seller is a difficult person to work with.
Many brokers require their agents to take virtual tours of all of their listings, but many agents are unaware of the benefits. The tour is essentially being done by the agents because it is free to them. Because they do not see the benefit, such agents do not effectively sell the tour in all of their advertising efforts.
I personally know Real Estate Agents who do virtual tours of every property they accept, regardless of the listing price. They make sure that all of their promotional materials include the tour address, web site address, and other information so that anyone who sees the advertisement can quickly access the images and tour if they are online.
One thing that has always perplexed me is how some agencies request virtual tours but then fail to market them. I read a lot of local real estate periodicals, and I notice that agents use gorgeous photos to sell their listings, but they seldom include the virtual tour in the ad. It astounds me that agents do not cross market when customers are looking for information on the Internet.

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