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Professional Termite Control In Charleston

Termites play an important role in our climate, but when they enter and assault your house, they will turn into a dreaded adversary, causing heartache and anxiety. There is no reason for every work to turn into a nightmare because any challenge has a solution. However, there are some pest control business procedures that should be practised with all inspections and treatments, and some “shady” operators that should be stopped at all costs! Termite control in Charleston is one of the authority sites on this topic.

Termites infest one out of every three houses in Australia, which is more frequent than destruction caused by fire, storm, and flood combined. This article would look at ways to avoid termite infestations, as well as inspection, safety, control, and treatment methods.

Controlling Termites

Termite management includes identifying the population, finding the nest, and determining the most successful eradication methods. To avoid more issues, a combination of routine, professional building inspections in termite-prone areas, the use of naturally resistant or treated timbers in buildings, and the installation of chemical and physical soil barriers around buildings is needed.

Termite nests in trees, stumps, and underground can be found near houses, but they may not contain insect organisms. When they do, the termite control technician’s primary priority should be on identifying and handling these areas before introducing any defence. Very frequently, the technician would “advise” the anxious homeowner that termites could be “anywhere within 100 metres” of their house, and that pinpointing their precise position is unlikely.

In my view, if you don’t even want to figure out what’s causing the dilemma, the odds of resolving it decrease significantly.

Even if the house is surrounded by thick bushland, I believe it is well worth the time and money to test drill and treat ALL trees and stumps within a 50-100 metre radius of the home, as this is where most infestations begin. Isn’t it much better to drill 40-60 trees or investigate all nearby homes than to ignore a potential cause of infestation?

Most pest control firms will not go through this extra effort, instead attempting to persuade you that their baiting strategy or soil barrier device is intended to protect your home in either situation. DO NOT TRUST THEM! Termite safety and care improve with improved audits and inspections. It’s just common sense to put in every attempt to determine the source of the attack.