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Points To Consider During Wedding Car Hire

For her wedding day, any bride needs to think carefully about the car she employs. Not so simple are other stuff to remember!Checkout Wedding Cars Tamworth for more info.

Make sure the vehicle has sufficient air-conditioning if you get married in the summer! A number of antique cars do not have air-conditioning, or they just have a rather limited production of air conditioning. If it has not been re-gassed, any stretch limousine older than a couple of years would have a diminished ability to hold occupants cold. When you schedule a summer wedding, consult with the owner and go and take a look at the car you are recruiting.

For winter, the contrary holds. There is no heating in some aged vehicles. Go to search the car you’re booking for yourself. If you’re not happy, don’t take the owners’ word on the phone.

There is a 5th Door or Bridal Door fitted in certain stretch limousines. There is a huge door down the side of the car that opens much wider than a normal door, enabling brides with broad dresses/trains and their bridesmaids to have much better entry. By swinging the legs out and then rising from the sitting spot, it often makes for more space to create a graceful escape from the vehicle.

Be sure to book an SUV for your wedding (such as a Hummer). While greater in size for a reception, there are impracticalities. When they sit even higher, they have steps to get into them, and often a bride has tripped over her shoes while entering or leaving, being stuck in the outfit. To ensure your safety, make sure the pilot, groom, father or bridesmaid are there at all times. Though larger on the exterior, these vehicles are built on a truck frame. They will also have less head-room and less leg-room than a regular limousine, because their journey is even tougher. Go to take a peek at what you employ before you trust yourself financially.

Know the venues while choosing a stretch wedding vehicle. Not all cars will serve certain churches and reception centers. In a thunderstorm, you don’t want to have to do a 100-meter sprint to get into the church or into the reception.

If your chauffeur is suitably dressed and well presented, query your limo business. When their chauffeur shows up in a pair of denim, or dresses in blue suede shoes pretending to pose like Elvis, I am annoyed with reports of brides being offended. (Yes, this has occurred)

Finally, have a backup plan! It is not assured that the current and newest car is problem free. I had a limousine broken down with a defective battery for 2 weeks. As an offending car side swiped the stretch off the lane, I had a bridal party of 12 in a stretch limousine headed to the reception. Make sure you have your smartphone with you, your friends and family numbers on your computer, and any emergency back-up vehicles available.

A slight pause would be manageable and provide you with the best result if you are trained on the day.