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Pediatric Dental Care for Your Kid’s Teeth

Why is it necessary to look after my child’s teeth?

It’s important to start practicing good pediatric dental hygiene habits before your child gets his or her first tooth. During feedings, gently wipe your child’s gums with a soft damp cloth to help avoid bacteria accumulation. After your child’s first teeth appear, brushing with a gentle children’s toothbrush twice a day is recommended. Have a look at Do Good Dental.

You should start using fluoride toothpaste when your child is in preschool. Don’t use too much toothpaste on the brush; a small amount will suffice. Your child can swallow the majority of the toothpaste. Too much fluoride toothpaste in their mouth will stain their teeth.

Cavities in children?

Cavities are holes that appear in your mouth as bacteria forms. Bacteria generate acid from sugar in food. The teeth are eroded by this acid. Cavities are very common in infants, and proper dental hygiene can help prevent cavities.

If your child eats a lot of sugary foods and drinks a lot of sweet drinks, he or she can develop cavities (fruit juice and punch, soda and sweetened drinks). If your child has any of the following risk factors, they may be more susceptible to cavities:

  • Has a low birth rate or was born too young.
  • Over time, teeth develop brown spots or white spots.
  • May not see their pediatric dentist on a regular basis. Brush your child’s teeth at least twice a day, and take him or her to the pediatric dentist twice a year.
  • Have your dentist demonstrate how to brush your child’s teeth properly.