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Most Noticeable facts about Medical Marijuana Doctors & Recommendations

Why can’t “responsible” adults monitor the influx of commercials, ads, and access? What about allowing children and adolescents unlimited access? Like the alcohol and tobacco industries, we will soon have a massive marijuana industry that is federally and locally controlled. “Let’s move on to the capital.” Dealers are unable to open bank accounts because selling marijuana is illegal under federal law. Then they’ll store and keep tens of thousands of dollars in automobiles. The criminals are weeping! Robberies have occurred in Colorado, both at dispensaries and when transporting cash. Are there going to be armed people riding in the vehicles? To get more information try out here Missouri Green Team – Medical Marijuana Doctors & Recommendations

Are we being naive if we assume there won’t be any shootouts? Why will expenses be limited in order to prevent fraudulent profits? Would higher grades of THC (like alcohol) be more expensive than lower grades, such as beer vs. wine vs. liquor? When legal prices exceed illegal prices, the logical conclusion is reached. Colorado’s taxes have been boosted, and politicians and government officials are salivating at the prospect of increased revenue. Are we being gullible if we predict the end of “grey markets”? THC has a much longer half-life than alcohol; it is absorbed by fat tissue and remains in the body and brain for a long time.

A drug test in the urine could detect marijuana smoking a few weeks ago. It raises questions like how much THC should be considered impairing? (It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out in court!) Furthermore, how will law enforcement catch tens of thousands more smokers who then drive? How about pre-employment and random drug testing for this now-legal product by employers? Shouldn’t zero tolerance (zero THC per cent) be the standard? Let’s be honest about it. Smoke, whether it comes from leaves, coal, tobacco, or marijuana, is a toxic gas.

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