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Medical Marijuana & Cannabis Dispensary – An Overview

If you’ve been thinking about opening a medical marijuana dispensary, it’s important to understand some of the rules and regulations related to doing business in your state. Currently, 28 states currently allow medical marijuana clinics, and among these, eight states and the District of Columbia actually allow recreational clinics to operate. Medical marijuana clinics are safe, regulated businesses, which typically carry everything you need to know about, from plants to shatterproof containers for use when selling marijuana to patients. Recreational marijuana clinics, on the other hand, are not legal, licensed businesses. When opening a recreational marijuana clinic, you must first register with the state, obtain a state license, and then follow all of the state’s regulations regarding operating a business related to an illegal substance. Click here to find more about The Joint Cannabis Club Medical Marijuana Dispensary OKC-The Joint Cannabis Club OKC Medical Marijuana & Cannabis are here
In addition to operating a legal medical marijuana dispensary, you also have the option to become a caregiver, which involves taking full responsibility for the health and well being of a person suffering from chronic pain. A caregiver must possess a specialized certification, such as a Certified Clinical Nurse Assistant (CCNA), in order to legally deliver and prescribe medications. Although caregivers do not possess any professional training or experience in handling actual medication, they do understand the science behind the medicine, how it is administered, how it affects the body, how to prevent side effects, and how to maximize the benefits by helping the patient maintain a consistent dose over time. As a caregiver, it is up to you to explain to the patient the options available, as well as how each works and what the possible side effects might be.
In order to open a medical marijuana dispensary, you must apply for a certificate of authority, known as a MMJ card. All applicants must pass an exhaustive review process, including a background and criminal history check, a reference check, and a physical and mental exam. The card also requires complete documentation of every step of your application, from when you applied to the date of application. In addition to the certificate of authority, you will receive a registration card, which allows you to buy and sell medical cannabis, as well as distribute your own personal supplies. The registration card can then be presented at the local police station upon request, or the dispensary can file an appeal with the court.

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