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Is CBD A Legal Marijuana Substance?

Cannabidiol or CBD is an important component of marijuana, hemp and some other types of cannabis. Cannabidiol has been found to have many beneficial properties that are not present in smoked or dried cannabis. In fact, CBD has a lot of unique properties that are not found in any other substances in nature. This special property of CBD is what makes it so useful for treating some very ill patients including cancer patients, AIDS patients, Glaucoma patients, seizures, and many more. It also helps in improving the appetite of a patient suffering from AIDS or cancer.Checkout CBD American Shaman of Midlothian for more info.

Even though CBD has not been used in modern medicine as of now, there are some interesting medical trials going on to use CBD for various chronic pain management problems. Two such trials include the University of North Carolina’s Pain Research Institute, which is conducting a study on the efficacy of CBD when it is used in conjunction with neuroleptic drugs (antipsychotics). The second is the University of California – Davis Center for Medicinal Studies, which is conducting a study on the ability of CBD to reduce pain in patients with advanced cancer. CBD is believed to work by reducing the inflammatory response in the body when pain stimuli are received.

Recent years have seen CBD become one of the hottest topics when it comes to cannabis policy. At the federal level, the Obama administration has considered CBD as Schedule I which is deemed as having no proven medical use and is most likely to affect a person’s state of mind. The Trump administration has yet to set a final plan for dealing with cannabis, but a statement by attorney general Jeff Sessions seems to indicate that the federal government may consider fully legalizing CBD. In fact, he has indicated that he believes it is more important to leave cannabis illegal under all circumstances rather than implement a system of taxation and regulation. But, according to experts, CBD is probably going to face a great deal of resistance from authorities until it can be officially legalized.