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Information About Minuteman Waste Solutions

Before you choose a dumpster rental service, there are a few things to think about.

1. Deciding Dumpster Size: Dumpsters are usually available in five sizes: ten cubic yards, fifteen cubic yards, twenty cubic yards, thirty cubic yards, and forty cubic yards. It has been noted that, in comparison to 10, 20, 30, and 40 cubic yard dumpsters, 15 cubic yard dumpsters are difficult to come by. Checkout for more info.

2. Weight Limit: Each dumpster has a weight limit, which means you can only put a certain amount of trash in it. Dumpsters have weight limits ranging from 2 to 12 tonnes. The dumpsters are weighed, and if the weight reaches the approved limit, you will be charged an additional fee. As a result, learning about the dumpster weight cap is important.

3. Rental Period: Most dumpster rental companies will let you keep a dumpster for 5 to 7 days, but some companies will let you keep a dumpster for up to two weeks. However, these companies are few and far between. If you hold your dumpster for longer than the allotted time, you will be charged an additional fee.

4. Fees: Fees in the Dumpster rental service industry vary from company to company, so keep testing the fees of each company before you find one that suits you. Additionally, some companies charge you shipping fees in addition to rental fees, so make sure to ask the company about it. Apart from the rental fee, some companies often charge a regular rental fee, so make sure to clarify this with the rental company. Don’t worry about the tax you’ll have to pay on top of the price you’ve been paying. But don’t be afraid to inquire about tax exemption.

5. Items that are not allowed in dumpsters: There are a variety of items that are not permitted in dumpsters. The list of items can differ from one location to the next. This list is created by the rental company and the government in compliance with local government rules and regulations. Gasoline, oil, paint, car tyres, car batteries, asbestos, any flammable liquid, any toxic waste, and so on are among the most frequently banned products. So be sure to ask the rental company for a list of prohibited things, as throwing one of those items in the dumpster might result in you paying extra money.

Renting a dumpster is a very useful service for a lot of businesses because it saves time, helps to keep the workplace clean, and allows many construction firms to dispose of their leftovers quickly. However, before using any dumpster rental service, bear the aforementioned considerations in mind.