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Equity Roofing-Best Roofing Contractor

Roofing is one of the things you don’t care about until there’s water dripping down your bedroom wall and over your head. You don’t have time to spare if it’s the first time you’ve found a leak. Ceilings and walls don’t show signs of water damage until they’ve been soaked, meaning the roof leak may have begun months earlier.Have a look at Equity Roofing for more info on this.

Unfortunately, the customer who has gone into emergency mode is always the one who is most abused. Before you decide to let your contractor up on your roof, there are a few things you should know about him or her.

Are they covered by insurance?

You may be held responsible for any injury sustained by the contractor while on your premises if you don’t pose this simple question and get evidence from the contractor. To add insult to injury, the roofing contractor who will send his employees up on your roof without insurance is often likely to disregard most safety regulations. All of this costs money, and maybe the only question you had was, “How much will the repairs cost?”

You could be in trouble if that’s the only criterion for making a decision.

Is the roofing contractor you’re concerned of authorised and bonded?

There is another issue that is often ignored in an emergency. The fact that a corporation is authorised and bonded adds to its trustworthiness. The term “licenced” refers to an organisation that has completed certain stages of preparation in order to do their jobs successfully and correctly. Contractors must pass competency tests demonstrating knowledge of the company, rules, and regulations in order to receive a licence. They must still have no felony convictions on their record. Bonding protects the contractor against shoddy service, fraud, and injury. Roofers who are licenced but not bonded to have evidence of both!

Only because you’re licenced and bonded doesn’t mean you’ll do a good job! There are references!

You should begin your quest for references on the internet.

If you ask for referrals from a contractor, you’ll almost certainly get some excellent ones. It’s entirely likely that they’re family members or friends! A reference can be made up by someone. If you can’t find both positive and negative references for a contractor, it’s time to move forward. The internet is a fantastic source of knowledge. Examine the client’s website, Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau, and even Google MAPS or Google Locations. Be mindful that a disappointed consumer is nine times more likely to leave a review than a pleased customer! As a result, don’t make your decision only on the basis of the existence of a negative review. Try reading the review from the viewpoint of the contractor to see how you can see both perspectives.

Who does the contractor employ?

Who’s on the roof, exactly? Are they still members of the United States? This is an excellent question! Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

You could be negotiating with a contractor that pays workers less than minimum wage if the price you’re paying is considerably cheaper than nearby, reliable contractors. The only time this occurs is because the workers are unable to record it. A worker who is unable to protest about or record a salary that is less than the mandatory minimum wage is most certainly not a legal resident. If a roofing contractor is ready to take this gamble, he or she would not hesitate to falsify licencing and bonding certificates. You’ll have to use your best judgement here, so if the people on your roof don’t speak English, it should lift an eyebrow at the very least. It’s entirely conceivable that they’re real, but you have every right to doubt them. It’s your money and your land.

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