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English Dermatology Indian School- Intro

Skin care training for dermatology is quite a demanding course of study, but what makes it so interesting in recent times is its focus on a holistic approach to medicine. What this means is that holistic dermatologists focus on the body’s ability to miraculously heal itself. The body can naturally rejuvenate itself because it has access to its very own vitamins and essences that allow it to do so. Holistic dermatology then, uses the same nutrients that the body already uses to nourish itself.Do you want to learn more? Visit English Dermatology Indian School.

What is holistic dermatology?

Basically, dermatology with a holistic philosophy focuses on using the nutrients that the skin naturally uses to rejuvenate itself. These are the same vitamins and minerals that the entire body uses to regenerate tissue, enhance tissue growth, repair any damage from bad diet or harmful environment, and protect itself from the devastating effects of environmental toxins.

In the past, dermatology couldn’t really do more than conceal or treat problems of the skin, but today, with holistic approaches, dermatology tries to correct the problems facing the skin. That is why the focus is on multi-vitamins, essences and herbs that are introduced into products to create moisturizers and other skincare products that will combat damage from free radicals, pollution, and harmful UV rays.

What are the benefits of training in holistic dermatology?

The main benefit is that this sort of training will create skin specialists with real know-how and sensitivity to the problems facing people and their skin today. Holistic dermatology helps people invest in youthful looking skin that is healthy and radiant, the natural way. More than that though, the vitamins and essences in these products contribute to all-round health care and well-being.

The philosophy of a holistic skin care program, is all about working in harmony with the body’s natural processes and not inflicting the extra burden of having to process chemicals and other toxins often used in skincare products. Because of their natural character, these holistic products improve the general well-being of the physical and the emotional self. Holistic dermatology can treat all skin conditions, including sun damaged, tired, dry, and stressed skin types.

Training for holistic dermatology

These training schools not only teach students about nutrition and health, but are wide-reaching and, as the word implies, holistic. They teach a complete and whole approach to health and well-being. If the body and the mind is completely health, so too will the skin be healthy. This is the holistic philosophy. Skin care training for dermatology with a focus on holistic medicine is the new big thing in skincare and possibly the ultimate miracle worker.