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Connecticut Bail Bonds Group –  Service Involved

Bail bonds services make money from the payment of an individual bail. The actual amount is returned to the individual who posts the bail but does not return to the bail bond agency itself. This is why some criminal attorneys recommend that individuals try and avoid using a bail bond agency when possible. They do this because in many instances the charges levied against a defendant are in reality an inflated number of bail bonds being posted. While a bail bond agent does make money from the initial bail, there may be additional fees that can add to that amount. Some of these additional fees include the cost to post a bail bond, which can be as much as three times the original bail amount; a surcharge if the defendant cannot post their own bail; and an interest charge if the defendant is released on his own recognizance.If you wish to learn more about this, visit Connecticut Bail Bonds Group.

These are all costs that are not included in the total that a defendant can receive from the Bail Bonds Service. The difference between the charges of a bail bond company and those charged by a private bail bonds agency is the difference in the amount that is actually paid in the form of a deposit by the individual who posts the bail. In many cases these types of bail bond agencies can require that the defendant make their own deposits, or have them deposited through credit cards. The amount of money that is put up by the defendant is then returned by the court if the defendant is found guilty. This means that if the defendant does not appear for his bail and fails to post it, he does not have to return the full amount. The bail agent receives a portion of the total amount due, which is what he can then use to pay the bail bond.

Some people choose to post their own bail, while others choose to take advantage of bail bonds. Some people, for example, might feel more comfortable in jail, than spending time in jail, since they feel that it is their choice. Others might choose to post bail because they need to leave the city immediately, because they are in danger of being harmed or their vehicle stolen. Whichever reason a person might have, using a bail bonds agency to post bail can be very beneficial, especially if they are unaware of all of the fees and charges involved in posting bail.