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A Look at Apex Bail Bonds of Wentworth and Reidsville

There’s an explanation why no one wants to serve time in prison. It’s a depressing and terrifying place. Bail bonds can be used to keep someone out of prison after they’ve been convicted, and professional bail bondsmen can assist suspects in obtaining bail bonds. Have a look at Apex Bail Bonds of Wentworth and Reidsville.

Bail bonds essentially allow someone to get out of jail so that they can prepare for their criminal defence and regain their life while the court process is in progress. Bail is not a measure of someone’s guilt or innocence. Bail is simply money paid to a judge to ensure that a suspect can show up for their trial rather than escaping once released. The court will hold the money charged as bail if the defendant flees, and an arrest warrant will be released. Cash bail is when a suspect or a friend or family member pays the bail directly to the judge.

Friends or family members may not be able to afford a cash bail fee in some cases. In these cases, bail bonds agents will assist you. While a bail bondsman will effectively lend money for bail, the defendant never receives any of the money. Instead, the bail bondsman guarantees the court that the defendant will appear at the trial as scheduled. The court receives this guarantee in the form of a surety bond. It is for this purpose that anyone who has been released by a bail bondsman is referred to as “bonded out.”

Unfortunately, some suspects want to avoid punishment by refusing to appear in court. When this occurs, the bail bondsman only has six months to locate the prisoner and return him to prison. If the bondsman is unable to locate or return the prisoner for whatever reason, they must pay the entire bail sum to the court. Customers that use bail bonds pose a financial danger to the professional who serves them.

For the service of posting a bond, bail bondsmen charge the defendant or their cosigners a fee. This fee is fixed by each state and cannot be negotiated or modified. When a prisoner is released, the fee is not refundable and is deemed entirely paid.